Sona Hayrapetyan


ATWOOD’S WORKS /10.59982/18294359-23.14.2-mp-14


This article represents the feminist views of Margaret Atwood, the most prominent and outstanding author of Canadian literature. Studying M. Atwood’s literary heritage, we can state that she is considered to be the first feminist writer of Canadian literature and an advocate of women’s rights and equality. However, as a feminist writer, her specialty lies in the fact that she presents a strong and fighting type of woman in her literary works, even in her fairy tales. In his works, we see a number of allegorical figures, fairy-tale and unreal objects, and  animals, which, however, mostly symbolize a woman and her essence. Having feminist ideology in her literary works, the Canadian author M. Atwood refers to dreams and their thematic features in her stories, with which the author tends to see them as visions realized in the future. His literary works are considered to be among the best legacies of Canadian literature, which have left a profound and fundamental impact not only on Canadian but also on world literature. Also, the author pays special attention to human relationships, based on which he wants to see mutual respect and devotion.

Keywords: creative innovation, English-language literature, fairy tales, human relationships, human rights violations.

    PAGES : 136-145