Gevorg Orbelyan

YEREVAN CITY TOURISM TRENDS AND CHALLENGES /10.59982/18294359-23.14.2-go-05


This title clearly conveys the subject matter and the timeframe of the analysis, making it suitable for a report or article exploring and analyzing the current state of tourism in Yerevan, which is a city rich in history, vibrant culture, and dynamically developing as a tourist destination. This brief provides an overview of Yerevan’s tourism sector, highlighting its main attractions and future prospects. It presents the trends and challenges of tourism in the city of Yerevan and defines the tourism situation in the destination city of Yerevan, the capital of Armenia. Since all types and directions of urban tourism are best demonstrated in Yerevan and have a great potential and opportunity for development, the state and community approaches that have been implemented and can ensure the development and stabilization of the tourism sector are presented. Naturally, the important role and significance of Yerevan in the tourist market of the Republic of Armenia have also been irreversibly established, as it is the center of the main cultural and tourist infrastructures of the state, the capital of all Armenians, and the main carrier of the country’s human resources. This paper aims to assist decision-makers in creating strategies that benefit both tourists and the local community, ensuring the long-term success of the tourism sector in Yerevan.

Keywords: Yerevan, urban tourism, trends, challenges.

    PAGES : 50-63