Valter Berberyan


(FROM THE 1950S TO THE 2020S)



It’s an accepted fact to stop at a moment in the course of the development of linguistics and summarize it with an examination view. We have fundamental works dedicated to idiomatical stylistics (K. Badikyan “Idiomatical Stylistics”, P. Bediryan “Modern Armenian Idiomology”, etc.). Monographs and articles have been written in this field, regarding which it is time to show an analytical attitude. Especially if we take into account the rapid development of idiomatical stylistics and rhetorics, we think, it is necessary to bring together the existing ones with certain evaluations.

Studies of idiomology as a separate linguistic discipline are always up-to-date, as they reveal new linguistic realities. There are disagreements about the boundaries of idiomology, differentiation of idiomatical units, morphological, stylistic classification of idioms, translation, and other issues.

The article presents the basic problems of the development of idiomatical stylistics (from the 1950s to the 2020s). We have studied the works written idiomatical stylistics and analyzed the provisions in various research projects. Reference was made to the expressiveness characteristics of the idiom as a linguistic term, language unit, classifications of idioms, forms, and principles of translation. The methodological basis is a combination of existing theoretical provisions. We have tried to present the material in the scientific literature chronologically.

Keywords: idiom, term, translation, congruence, expressiveness, stylistic value, classification.

PAGES : 126-132